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Volunteer - Take Your Involvement to a New Level

Apply to be a part of our diverse, international team that makes up the volunteer staff of National Model United Nations (NMUN). We need experienced former delegates and others with Model UN experience to help organize and run our conferences. Put your research and organizational skills to use, help develop preparation materials, and serve as conference staff. Volunteers perform various duties as Committee Directors, Assistant Directors, or in Conference Services. Descriptions of volunteer opportunities and application forms are posted on the right.

Who Volunteers

  • Undergraduate students, graduate students, and people with degrees. Applications are welcome from all fields of study.
  • Individuals with NMUN experience (preferred) and applicants with extraordinary substantive or logistical knowledge from other MUNs. NMUN experience is a requirement for programs outside New York where less training is offered.
  • Delegates and those who have served in the NY Chair/Rapporteur positions. The Chair/Rapporteur positions provide valuable skills and insights that help make good candidates for our volunteer positions; however, serving in one of those positions is not a requirement.
  • Anyone who is interested in sharing the NMUN experience with others. There are no particular references required, no special invitations to apply, and no need to have mentioned interest to current staff members. Also, being a part of a delegation that has or has not won an award at NMUN has absolutely no bearing on being hired for volunteer staff.

Why Volunteer

  • Develop skills in facilitation of debate, conflict resolution, and customer service while learning alongside delegates about emerging global issues.
  • Build your résumé. We offer publishing credit for the written background materials and professional experience organizing and staffing the world’s largest university-level simulation of the United Nations.
  • Become part of an international volunteer staff committed to the ideals of the United Nations and form lifelong friendships.

Financial Considerations

NMUN•NY offers training, provides New York hotel accommodations and reimburses some travel expenses.

NMUN•DC offers some training, provides Washington, DC hotel accommodations and reimburses some travel expenses.

NMUN•International provides hotel accommodations and reimburses some travel expenses.


NMUN Volunteer Opportunities

NMUN•NY 2018

NY 2018 Senior Staff Application (closed)
Prior NMUN staff experience is required.
Deadline: 1 May 2017

NY Volunteer Position Descriptions PDF

NY 2018 Volunteer Staff Application (closed)
Prior NMUN delegate/staff experience is preferred; training is provided.
Deadline: 15 May 2017

NY Questions: dsg.ny@nmun.org

NMUN•DC 2017

DC Senior Staff Position Descriptions PDF

DC 2017 Senior Staff Application (closed)
Prior NMUN•DC staff experience is required.
Deadline: 15 November 2016

DC Volunteer Position Descriptions PDF

DC Volunteer Staff Application (closed)
Prior NMUN delegate/staff experience is required; training provided.
Only applicants from North America will be considered.
Deadline: 19 February 2017

DC Questions: secgen.dc@nmun.org

NMUN•Canada 2017

Canada Volunteer Staff Application (closed)
Minimum of 3 years NMUN•NY staff experience is required for these Director positions.
Deadline: 30 April 2017

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