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  Board of Directors
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Board of Directors & Advisors

NCCA Board of Directors (Biographies)

Prof. Eric Cox, President
Prof. Kevin E. Grisham, Vice President
Prof. Chaldeans Mensah, Treasurer
Prof. Pamela Chasek, Secretary
Jennifer Contreras
Raymond J. Freda
Rachel Holmes
Prof. Donna Schlagheck
Prof. Markéta Židková

Members Ex-Officio:

Michael Eaton, Executive Director
Hon. Joseph H. Melrose, Pres. Emeritus
Prof. Richard Murgo, Pres. Emeritus
Prof. Richard Reitano, Pres. Emeritus

NCCA Advisory Council

Ingrid Busson, Counsel, Morgan Stanley
Prof. Pamela Falk, CBS News/Hunter College (CUNY)
Qazi Shaukat Fareed, UN (retired)
Bonian Golmohammadi, Secretary-General, WFUNA
H. Stephen Halloway
Hina Shamsi, American Civil Liberties Union
Kate White, Executive Director, United Nations Association in Canada
Prof. Shelton L. Williams
Robert Windrem, NBC News
Prof. Karen Young, Clayton State University

NMUN•NY Advisory Group, 2014 - 2015

Prof. JoAnn Aviel, San Francisco State University
Holger Baer, 2013 NMUN•NY SG, 2011 NMUN•NY DG
Hannah Birkenkötter, 2013 NMUN•NY DG
Eugene Chen
Prof. Francine D’Amico, Syracuse University-Maxwell School
Ronny Heintze, University of Erfurt, 2011 NMUN•NY SG, 2010 NMUN•NY DG
Amierah Ismail, 2007 NMUN•NY SG
Rachel Johnson, 2014 NMUN•NY SG
Daniel Leyva, Jr., 2014 NMUN•NY DSG
Miriam Müller, 2013 NMUN•NY SG
Prof. Vaughn Shannon, Wright State University
Prof. Karen Vogel, Hamline University
Nicholas Warino, 2012 & 2013 NMUN•NY DG
Thera Watson, 2014 NMUN•NY SG
Prof. Thomas Weiler, University of Trier




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