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5-14 January 2018


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NMUN•Galápagos Hotel Information

NMUN•Galápagos Hotels and Discount Rates

Everyone is required to stay at the conference hotels. Once confirmation of numbers opens on 1 August, instructions will be available on how to submit your room requests. Due to the limited amount of rooms, you will need to put as many people as possible in each room.

Quito Hotel

Lodging in Quito on the nights of 5-6 January will be assigned at a specific hotel and is included in your package price.

Galápagos Hotels

Lodging in the Galápagos Islands will be assigned at specific hotels and is included in your package price. Chatham Hotel will be the main hotel. If we fill it up others will be added. Breakfast is included at our hotels. There is Internet access on the island, but it may not be available 24 hours a day, even in the conference facilities. Since it is an island with limited resources, hot water for extended showers isn't guaranteed. Given the hot weather conditions, this will not be something you will necessarily miss.

15 September - $500 USD, per person, nonrefundable deposit due
15 November - Remaining balance due must be paid

NMUN•Galápagos Travel Information

Care has been taken in selecting this site.
Students and staff will be housed at hotels with consideration given for participant safety, comfort, and health. However, participants are ultimately responsible for themselves and common sense should always be used when traveling and interacting with other people. The U.S. State Department provides Current Travel Warnings and a Traveler's Checklist.

Galápagos Info

Galápagos Conservancy - San Cristóbal
National Geographic - Galápagos Islands
UNESCO - City of Quito
UNESCO - Galápagos Islands

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